“Amy and Nancy have created a supportive and strong learning environment. Their joint knowledge plays off each other beautifully. The outcome is a unique experience resulting in polished confidence in your mediumship. I highly recommend the Whole Medium Academy!”  — Lianne Radovanovic, Toronto

Build Confidence in Your Mediumship

Ah, confidence! We have heard from so many people — professional mediums, semi-professionals and beginners alike — that you wish you had less doubt and more confidence in one or more aspects of connecting with the Spirit world.

Confidence grows when you learn and practice over a period of time. It grows as you stretch yourself just the right amount — not too little, not too much — with the caring and skillful support of teachers, mentors and coaches.

A Community for Learning

We’re building Whole Medium Academy™ (WMA) as a training and support community dedicated to building confidence, skill and ethics in Spirit Communication for students and mediums at all levels — including professionals, semi-professionals and personal-interest practitioners.

By the way, we are Amy Utsman, psychic medium, and Nancy Scheel, personal development coach — the founders (and everything else right now, too) of Whole Medium Academy.

Raising the Level of Mediumship

We’re going to come right out and say it: We are very intentional about wanting to attract certain kinds of people into the WMA community. It’s not about experience level; you can be a beginner or a professional medium — or anyone in between!

Our belief is that mediumship is sacred, serving both Spirit and people in our realm. At any level, we think it  should be practiced with strong ethics and professionalism. We want to see more working mediums — and personal-interest practitioners — who are both skilled in the mechanics of mediumship and well-grounded and centered as individuals.

Extremely professional. Warm and engaging.

“As someone who approaches spirituality both logically and creatively, I found the combination of Nancy’s and Amy’s teaching very appealing.

They led exercises that trained the mind to accept information while also explaining the reasoning behind the methodology. They each brought unique experiences and examples to the class and had enough experience to thoughtfully answer all of our questions.

As a team, Amy and Nancy are warm, engaging, and encouraging. They are also extremely professional and take their work very seriously. I highly recommend this talented duo!” – Carol from Alpharetta, GA

Learn and Grow with Us

To be honest, we’re still building Whole Medium Academy. It will take a while to carry out all that we envision! But here’s what’s cooking — and some will be available sooner than later.

  • Live, instructor-led online courses (mediumship and related topics)
  • Opportunities to practice platform demonstration (online, with support)
  • Master classes and open Q&A sessions
  • Individual mentoring or coaching with WMA faculty

What You Can Do Today

While we’re in the process of developing courses and other offerings, here’s what you can do:

Learn and Grow

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